Friday, December 17, 2010

Can You Guess the Artifact?

We came across another strange mystery object this week while preparing for our forthcoming exhibit.

This one looks a lot like something the Tin Man might've left behind here.

Hollow, with a small opening on top and a large opening on the bottom, this artifact is shaped like a wine bottle missing its base.

What could it be?

Leave your guesses in the comments and check back Monday for the answer!

-Posted by Joe Klarl


  1. A funnel of some kind, but for what, maybe to fill oil lamps though your tin man reference makes me think I must be totally wrong.

  2. perhaps, the stove-pipe to a very small wood or coal-burning stove/heater.

  3. It looks like a weird coal scuttle, but without a handle. I agree with Jill - it has to be a funnel for filling something large.

  4. base of a oil lamp? Pest smoker?

  5. My guess is a coal or flour funnel.

  6. A tin sausage stuffer minus the wooden plunger?

  7. A funnel. For oil, as opposed to something edible.


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