Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Last-Minute Gifts from the Museum Shop

I love looking around at the Museum Shop, and I always find myself spending more time looking through the books than the rest of the gifts. The collection of history books about Brooklyn, cookbooks, atlases, novels, biographies, etc. is so extensive and interesting. Everyone who loves to read can find something they're excited about. Here are some that I think would make great gifts:

I Lego NY by Christoph Neiman $14.95

For I Lego NY, Christoph Neiman ignored all traditional Lego instructions and made beautifully simplistic lego sculptures to represent everything in New York City. The book consists of photos of his Lego depictions of cream cheese with scallions, taxis, The Met, Phantom of the Opera, seeing critters on the subway platform, and everything that makes up life in the City. Any Lego fan - or New York resident, for that matter - should have this for their coffee table or kid’s room.

Robert Crowther's Pop Up House of Inventions $17.99

This book is the perfect combination of two of the best types of books: pop up books and trivia collections. The Pop Up House of Invention goes through a house and the flip up panels reveal when objects like toasters and blenders were invented and stories behind everything from toilets to shoe sizes. A fun one for parents to read to their kids.

Transit Maps of the World by Mark Ovenden and Mike Ashworth $25.00

For anyone who loves maps, this book is one of the most unique atlases around. It contains maps of every major city's transportation system, along with a short history. And "every city" is not an exaggeration: there are official maps from cities including Moscow, Buenos Aires, and Kuala Lumpur.

Fake Mustache Pack $6.50 for seven

If you're looking for silly gag gift, look no further than this pack of fake mustaches. There's one for each day of the week, with styles like "The Hero," The Square," and "The Weasel." Yeah, you’re gonna look great in those Christmas-morning photos. And hang onto them as props for the next photobooth you find.
- Posted by Kiley Edgley

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