Thursday, December 2, 2010

Great Gifts: Carly's Picks

Looking around the Museum Shop, you wouldn’t be mistaken in thinking that employees cultivate items for the retail store just as intently as they do for the Museum’s exhibits.

"It's curated in a way that makes it a fun experience to browse," says Carly, the Shop’s gift buyer. "We have a fun assortment between the books and gifts – some are a bit kooky." As Carly sifts through the shelves of books, dishes, and bags, she points out interesting gifts with lightening speed. The Shop's stock is large, but Carly made no hesitations while making her top recommendations.

Italian Floral Wine Glasses $33 for a set of six

One of Carly's favorite items is a set of stemless wine glasses painted with simple, colorful flowers. "Rather than stem glassware, they're a bit more casual for dinner parties," she says. They're a beautiful gift for any foodie or wine lover.

Stuffed Animals $12.95 to $24.95

For the little ones on your gift list, the Tenement Museum Shop has an amazing selection of stuffed animals. There are baskets full of fuzzy penguins and elephants, cats with long, silly tails and farm animals that Carly describes as "outrageously soft." Every kid will be excited to hug these critters!

XYZ Blocks $29.95

Carly loves how these are an irreverent take on the classic ABC blocks. Instead of using familiar words like train, umbrella or cat, the XYZ Blocks teach the alphabet with words like trailer, uvula, and corn dog. The best part: they're fun (and funny) for both kids and grown ups.
Santa and Mrs. Claus Mugs $29.95 for set of two

For a touch of Christmas nostalgia, Carly loves these painted ceramic mugs. "I remember having these as a kid," she says. They're perfect for sipping cocoa or for holding candy canes. And they come in their own green gift box, so wrapping them up is a snap.

All of these and more can be yours... pay us a visit (Mon-Sun, 10 am - 6 pm) or call to order, 212-982-8420. Support local business and your museum shops this holiday season!

- Posted by Kiley Edgley

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