Friday, August 19, 2011

Guess the Artifact: Shop Life Edition

As you might have heard, Museum staff are hard at work developing a new exhibit for the storefront at 97 Orchard Street, "Shop Life." We've already shown you some of the artifacts that we'll use to interpret these immigrant stories, but as we get closer to the opening of "Shop Life," we thought we would give you a peek at some of the other fascinating objects that we're gathering.

So, can you guess what this intriguing object is?

17 cm high and 9 cm in diameter, this mystery artifact is stamped metal, possibly brass, with nails placed in a circular pattern, four at the top and eight on the body. 

What could it be? (Hint: this object will be used to help interpret John Schneider's Saloon). Leave your guesses in the comment section and check back on Monday for the mystery reveal! 


  1. yarn or thread spindle-thingie?

  2. yarn or thread spindle-thingie?

  3. Candles was also my first thought but if it was I think there would be more wax residue on it. Maybe holds olives or some other fruit?

  4. The nails seem that they may be a bit too short, but is it a bottle dryer?


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