Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Tenement Museum presenting at CUNY's ESL Night

From Pedro Garcia, Education Associate for Training & Outreach:

In an effort to increase visibility for the Museum's Shared Journeys program, last week I attended “ESL Night,” hosted by CUNY. Around 100 ESOL/ESL teachers from the CUNY system attended this conference. Shared Journeys uses the stories of immigrants past and present to teach English to adult ESOL learners.

I led one of several workshops about using history when teaching English language learners. I gave a presentation on the Museum, Shared Journeys and the overall work we do to engage contemporary immigrants.

It's inspiring to share our work with others, especially this program, which is close to the hearts of many of us who work here. Many of our Shared Journeys participants are surprised and moved to find out how closely their stories connect to those of past immigrants. It's always a moving experience for our educators, as well.

Email me to learn more about Shared Journeys.

- posted by Pedro

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