Monday, March 8, 2010

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International Women's Day, first celebrated in the United States by factory laborers and suffragists in 1909, is a global day of awareness for women's rights.

Museums and events celebrating March 8 and Women's History Month locally.

At the Irish Shrine & Railroad Workers Museum in Baltimore, "the Museum's founder claims that the museum, now comprising two homes tucked into a block of two-and-a-half story brick rowhouses built in 1848, offers the earliest glimpse into urban immigrant life in the United States." Road trip anyone?
[The Urbanite]
[The Irish Shrine]

The retail transition on Delancey Street near the Williamsburg Bridge, where shops became a movie theater and then became more shops.
[Bowery Boogie]

Our neighor at 95 Orchard Street, Il Laboratorio del Gelato, will move to Ludlow Street in June.
[New York Times Diner's Journal]

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