Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Green Tea in Golden Gate Park

Artist Michele Brody hasn't opened her tea cart exhibit to the public yet - she's been rained out the past two Thursdays - but the project, in which Michele will transcribe visitors' family histories onto tea-stained paper, has already inspired some storytelling on the internet. Kathleen Goldstein writes on our Flickr page:

Although I'm Irish and was brought up on black tea with milk and a little sugar, my favorite tea memory is the first time I visited San Francisco in 1986 with my husband and my two year old son, Joshua. While dad was working Joshua and I went to the Japenese Tea Garden in the Golden Gate Park. In a traditonal tea hut with open sides I had green tea in a small cup while watching fish swim under the hut in the koi pond and my little son was playing with the pigions [sic] who were looking for the crumbs of the left over almond and rice cookies that are served in a small bowl with each tea order. After my visit to the tea garden I never drank black tea again. My favorite tea is sencha tea and Genmai Cha tea.

Above: Transcribed tea stories from a previous exhibit.

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  1. Ive been there too. Its really neat. My favorite is also the sencha. I love all things loose leaf though.


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