Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Great Summer Eats on the Lower East Side

The Tenement Museum staff sometimes feel as though our lives revolve around the Lower East Side. We give directions to anyone who's carrying a guidebook or looks lost. We offer advice on what to see and do and how long it takes to walk there. And, of course, we tell people where to eat.

Here are our staff picks for best summertime noshes in the neighborhood:

"Quickly on Grand between Chrystie and the Bowery has great bubble tea. I like milk black tea with coffee. They also have fruit-flavored slushies." - Kate, public affairs

"Bario Chino on Broome Street - they open all the windows in the summer." - Amanda, programs & events

"Castillo! Essex!" - Jeff, web/IT

"My favorite cool summer food - hummus and salad for $5.00 from the Kebab place on Orchard and Rivington. Ideal take-out." – Arnhild, buildings & operations

"The new Vietnamese sandwich place on Orchard is great. And of course, Il Laboratorio del Gelato right next door to the Museum." - David, public affairs

"All people must go to Lula's Sweet Apothicary on 6th and A. They serve all manner of vegan frozen treats, and I usually go every Sunday (for Sundaes!)" - Jeffrey, education

"Tiny's is a great sandwich place, good summer food. Sarah Roosevelt Park north of Grand Street is a nice place to go eat your sandwich. There are people selling ices on Delancey Street walking towards the East River, cheap and delicious. And Sixth Ward and Lucky Jack's are favorite happy hour places for a cold beer after work." - Pedro, education

An ice seller on the LES last century

-posted by Kate Stober

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  1. These all sound so good -- and so far away from where I live -- in Texas! I enjoy reading your blog and visiting in my imagination.


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