Thursday, September 16, 2010

Questions for Curatorial: What's the Deal with that Sheet Metal?

Curatorial Director Dave answers your questions. If you have a question for Dave, email us.

What are the metal ceilings in 97 Orchard Street made of, when were they installed, and why did the landlord chose to put them up?

The ceilings in the hallways throughout 97 Orchard Street are covered in pressed metal, made from an alloy of steel and iron. These ceilings were installed circa 1900. Metal ceilings were popular because they were easier to maintain than easily damaged plaster. Different patterns are visible in the halls of 97 Orchard Street, since sections were often patched with a piece of metal that did not match the original.

thick (3).JPG
Photo by aeg7, Tenement Museum Flickr pool

Krasner, Pressed Metal Ceiling, between 3rd & 4th floors
Photo by barbarakrasner, Tenement Museum Flickr pool.

painted tin
Photo by nycshushi51065, Tenement Museum Flickr pool

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