Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Ask a Curator

It's Ask a Curator Day on Twitter! Visit your Twitter account or and search for the hashtag #askacurator. You'll be able to see questions by Twitter users and answers from museums around the world about just about everything. Log on to your Twitter account to ask a question yourself. Museum curators are on call in their libraries awaiting your queries. See our curatorial director Dave*:

So, ask anything that comes to your mind! Want to know what we love about museum work, or what we loathe? Want to know how to keep moths out of your textile collection? Curious about child labor and the National Consumer's League? Ask away! Just remember that our answers have to be shorter than 140 characters...

*Disclaimer: Dave Favaloro does not really smoke or condone smoking and our collections manager does not actually allow smoking inside the museum library.

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