Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Cool Cultural Museums Downtown

The Italian-American Museum, our neighbor on Mulberry Street, just celebrated its first year this past Columbus Day. They are situated in a former bank on the corner of Grand and explore the Italian-American community that once thrived in this part of lower Manhattan.

Read more about it on the Urban Oyster blog.

Also, our other neighbor, the Museum of the Chinese in America, recently opened a beautiful new space on Centre Street south of Kenmare. A visit to their permanent exhibit, which explores the Chinese immigrant and Chinese-American experience in the United States, is a great compliment to a Tenement Museum tour. They have lots of fun interactive things to watch, listen to, and fiddle around with.

It's pretty awesome that you can explore so many different cultural museums (don't forget the Museum at Eldridge Street for the Jewish-American experience) right here south of Houston Street. Think we're giving Fifth Avenue a run for its money yet?

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