Friday, February 12, 2010

Behind the Scenes : Wallpaper Removal

Below are some photographs of wallpaper conservator Reba Fishman Snyder working on the historic wallpaper that was found behind the sheet rock in the basement level of 97 Orchard Street. We are conducting a lot of new research in this part of the building and know very little about the wallpaper found here. Reba will be taking some wallpaper samples back to her lab for cleaning (so we can see the patterns/ designs better), and also to determine if any makers marks remain on the edges of the paper (also called the selvage) - this may help us date the wallpaper. 

We are also interested in finding out how many layers of wallpaper were used in this part of the building. On the upper floors of the building, Reba has found upwards of 22 layers applied one over the other. After conducting her research and analysis, the papers will be added to the museum's permanent collection which currently includes over 300 wallpaper samples from the building. 
Learn more about the wallpaper research conducted on the upper floors of the building here.
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