Thursday, October 15, 2009

Slideshow - 103 Orchard Street

Earlier this year the Tenement Museum started selective demolition at 103 Orchard Street. The basement, ground, and second floors of this building will soon be our new visitor center. We're truly excited about being able to offer our visitors, staff, and school groups more space in which to learn, engage, play and work.

Here's a slideshow of what the space looks like now, starting on the ground floor and moving up to the second. Most recently the space was a semi-upscale clothing retailer, with smaller shuttered shops on the Delancey Street side, and market-rate and vacant apartments on the second floor.

Since we can't do the kind of in-depth archeological research here that we did at 97 Orchard Street, it's nice to have a visual record of what's underneath the dry wall and ceiling tiles before new walls go up again.

Tomorrow I'll post a history of 103 Orchard Street, which is pretty complex (multiple buildings combined into one). Ask your questions now or then. In the meantime, enjoy these eerily beautiful images by photographer Keiko Niwa.

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