Thursday, August 13, 2009

Opening&Closing - 92 Orchard

The shutters are down at Old New York Cigar Co. and Gallery (which I believe refers to the Mark Miller Gallery) across the street from 97 Orchard, but the businesses may not be gone for good. Work permits are taped to the facade rather than realtor's signs, so renovations are probably in store. Both companies' histories are hard to trace- their online presence is limited to a couple of Flickr photos and brief mentions on art websites.

But the building's past is something the museum is familiar with. An artifact in our collection advertises a butcher shop that operated out of 92 Orchard in the late 19th century, selling beef, pork, mutton, veal, sausages and ham. Perhaps in recognition of the building's historic ties to the city, the gallery hosted an exhibit two years ago on Joyva, a halvah factory in Brooklyn founded by a Ukranian immigrant in 1907.

-posted by Liana Grey

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