Monday, July 20, 2009

Opening & Closing - Hudson Street Papers

A look at small businesses in the Lower East Side that have shuttered, or are about to, and what's moving into the neighborhood to replace them.

If you've ever passed by Hudson Street Papers on Orchard Street between Stanton and Rivington, you might have wondered what the tiny stationary shop was doing outside the West Village. Turns out its owner moved it from across town a short while ago and shut the store down at the end of last month after realizing, as he told Curbed, that "the Lower East Side is bad news." The vacant space (once home to cards, stamps, and quirky items, like freezy freakie mittens - see a former customer's review) is for rent by Misrahi Realty, whose strip mall-like retail center under construction about a block away contributed, perhaps, to the owner's changing impression of the neighborhood.

-posted by Liana Grey

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