Friday, May 1, 2009

Other Museums - New Americans Museum

This week, we're taking a look at immigration museums off the beaten path.

Though located in historic Point Loma, the San Diego neighborhood where Portuguese explorer Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo first landed in 1542, the New Americans Museum celebrates the country's newest arrivals rather than preserving the past. According to its website, one in five U.S. citizens was born abroad or is a first generation American. That's roughly 60 million people, each with a story that will probably go unrecorded unless it winds up in the museum's extensive audio and video archive, soon to be available online. The museum especially seeks to engage the country's youngest immigrants. Check out some of the winning entries of an essay contest inviting local students to share their family histories, and a slideshow of a children's citizenship ceremony hosted by the museum earlier this year.

A recent photo exhibit
at the museum by Ricardo Ocreto Alvarado (1914-1976) captured life as a Filipino-American in 1950's San Francisco

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