Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Uptown Tenderloin History Museum

Uptown Tenderloin History Museum: Reclaiming SF’s Forgotten Past
by Randy Shaw‚ Feb. 23‚ 2009

In the wonderful book on San Francisco’s once thriving Fillmore District, co-author Elizabeth Pepin notes that she was surprised that “something so magical could vanish with hardly a trace within just a few decades.” The Uptown Tenderloin has an even bigger problem: much remains unknown about its post-1906 to 1970’s past. But this will soon change. As a result of a generous grant from the Fifth Age of Man Foundation and the donated services of the architectural firm of Perkins + Will, the Uptown Tenderloin History Museum is on track to open by 2011-12. A longterm lease to house the museum under the historic Cadillac Hotel has been secured, and a collection of exhibits is being identified and assembled. The Museum will preserve for posterity the years when the Uptown Tenderloin was a venue for upscale hotels, bars and restaurants, nationally known jazz musicians, and assembled the nation’s largest collection of SROs [single residence occupancy hotels]. The Uptown Tenderloin's cultural resources shaped San Francisco’s history, and their preservation at the Museum enables the community’s rich history to propel a brighter future.

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