Tuesday, April 13, 2010

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Seven-alarm fire on Grand Street late Sunday night. Apparently the building owners have been sited for multiple violations of housing codes in the last two years. From Fire Chief Kilduff: "Because the buildings are old - the two buildings here are 110 years old - there's an awful lot of voids and shafts in these buildings and the fire just travels all through the place." (These would be the air shafts meant to increase air circulation in the apartments.)

Reports have called this area both "Chinatown" and "the Lower East Side." Historic boundary of the LES = the Bowery.
[Bowery Boogie]
[Daily News]

From Darfur to Brooklyn - photographs of refugees who have settled in Kensington.
[New York Times]

Urban spelunker Steve Duncan gets to the heart of the City's infrastructure (and takes some cool photos of old sewers, too).
[Columbia Magazine]

T.J. Stiles, coming to Tenement Talks on May 14, wins the Pulitzer.

Edited to add...
Lower East Side photos, in color, from the 1940s. Cool!!
[City Noise]

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