Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Photos from the finished Rear Yard exhibit

We're so happy to announce that "Rear Yard at 97 Orchard Street" is open to the public.

The recreated yard depicts early tenement life in New York. You can see it from Allen Street or learn more about the importance of the space in the lives of working-class New Yorkers by taking The Moores: An Irish Family in America tour, which is offered daily.

The Rear Yard at 97 Orchard Street

Inside the Privy Shed

Rear Yard at 97 Orchard Street

On a funny note, most of this laundry was blown off the line a few weeks ago when the weather was bad. Some long-john style underpants were blown over the fence and subsequently disappeared - hope someone found them who needs them in this cold weather. While we figure out how to better secure the clothing, it's been temporarily removed from the lines. All this serves as a reminder that 19th and early 20th century homemakers had to wash and dry laundry no matter what the weater - in the rain, snow, and wind.

More photos are on our Flickr page.

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