Saturday, February 14, 2009

Artifacts - A Valentine's Day Mystery

Of the 2,892 artifacts we have found in 97 Orchard Street, few are as evocative as this amorous letter. Undated and torn at the edges, it's also a mystery. We don't know who wrote it, who it was sent it to and even what part of the letter says. All we know is that researchers discovered it inside our tenement in 1993.

Here's what we could decipher:
________The seat of my pants________hot from where your lovely papa left________of his brogans but love laughs________. Nobody can keep us apart, for________(n)ever dies--does it dear? Saturday I'll give the usual whistle--pack________suitcase and we'll elope and________married. The Rolls-Rough will be (?)ined up for the occasion, and we'll________bully time. Your own only-est.

What do you think the letter says? Who might have written it? Did they really run away with each other? Leave your thoughts in the comments!


  1. "The seat of my pants are still hot.... left the print of his brogans but love laughs at obstacles....for love never dies....pack your suitcase...and soon be married. The Rolls-Rough will be lined up....we'll make bully time."

    A Romeo to his Juliet, with Papa quite hostile to Romeo's presence. This Romeo and his Juliet already have their little jokes (his jalopy as a Rolls-Rough) so perhaps she did escape papa's violence and elope with Romeo.

  2. Honeybunch, The seat of my pants is still hot where your lovely papa left the print of his brogans, but love laughs (anyway? nonetheless? at that?). Nobody can keep us apart, for true love never dies--does it dear? Saturday night I'll give the usual whistle--pack your suitcase and we'll elope and get married. The Rolls-Rough (Royce?) will be lined up for the occasion, and we'll have a bully time. Your own only-est.

  3. fabulous! I tried to date it but can't narrow it down much...Rolls Royce established in 1906, and the handwriting is very much 20th c.


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